How To Add Value To Your Home With A Rooftop Cupola Addition

Jan. 14, 2015GOSHEN, Ind.Looking for a great way to differentiate your home? Cupolas are the unspoken part of East Coast Architecture that increases curb appeal and style of any home no matter how deeply Midwest it is.  With very little effort the correct size and amount of rooftop cupolas add an incredibly attractive break to any roofline. carries the world’s largest selection of vinyl and wood cupolas available in all types of architectural styles and designs.

The first step in choosing the correct cupola for you is feature based.  Choose between less expensive cypress wood cupolas that will require paint and vinyl cupolas that are more of an investment but do offer lower maintenance and longer life.  Cupola roofs can be wood that requires shingling to match your current roof or copper that will patina over time.  Styles include louvered openings and glass windows.  Hint! Keep in mind that adding a light inside of a glass window cupola makes a spectacular evening attraction that is a real eye catcher.

Secondly, after choosing the style of cupola select the size that appropriately fits your structure.  The key things to keep in mind at this point in the process is height off the ground as well as length of unbroken roofline.  Select 2” inches of cupola for every 1’ foot of unbroken roofline.  Select a slightly larger cupola if installing on a second story roofline rather than a first story height.

Installation is truly a breeze and can be done by anyone that is handy and willing to gather the proper tools for the job. offers how to videos, expert phone support, free shipping and the world’s best selection of cupolas.  Many homes can be outfitted for a budget that is well under a thousand dollars.

Visit or call 888-788-5048 for more information and images of what a great addition cupolas are to any home.

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